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VX-3000 Series

Combined highly integrated voice alarm and public address system.

The issue of security is more important than ever. Our VX-3000 is a reliable and energy-saving voice alarm system that combines all of the most important functions for PA/VA in one unit frame.

The limited number of components makes the design and installation much easier, as well as saving space and reducing cable complexity. Thus enabling rapid system configuration and making the VX-3000 a cost effective system.

It comes with low loss modular class D amplifiers, with 3 different output ratings. These can easily be removed or replaced simply by unplugging them; there is no need for specialist tools. By using low loss modular class D amplifiers and modern power supply switching technology the system becomes much more energy efficient and keeps the operating costs low.

Thanks to its flexible and scalable system architecture, the VX-3000 system can be used for both small and large applications, with up to 256 remote microphones and 128 audio sources.

Products in 'VX-3000 Series'

The VX-3150DS is the power supply for the VX-3000 Series

The RM-210MF is the Remote Key Extension for the VX-3000 Series

Remote Microphone for the VX-3000 Seriescombined highly integrated voice alarm and public address system.

VX-3000 | VX-3000 Series Amplifiers

VX-3000 VX-3000 Series Frames

The RM-200SF is a Fireman’s Microphone of the matrix system. It is equipped with an Emergency key, permitting it to be used as a remote microphone for emergency broadcast. Zone selection and microphone announcement can be made at the time of emergency broadcast. It offers a surveillance function to detect failures including microphone element failure. The RM-200SF has three function keys that can be set as individual or group selection keys, and each key is linked with the corresponding two indicators. Connecting the optional RM-210 Extension units to the RM-200SF expands the number of function keys and indicators in blocks of ten.

The RM-320F is an extension unit for increasing the number of function keys of TOA’s Remote Microphones.

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