The TalkPerfect DX Intercom Speech Transfer system is designed to improve communication at fixed screen security counters. Based on proven, reliable and patented technology, the full duplex (two way) system amplifies speech for both customer and staff whist minimising background noise and actively reducing acoustic feedback.

The intercom’s modular design, contemporary styling and wide range of accessories means the TalkPerfect DX system is always easy to install and never looks out of place with the aesthetics of the building, whether it is for a retrofit or new build application.

The TalkPerfect DX system not only comprises a full duplex intercom system, reinforcing communications from staff to customer and customer to staff with high quality amplified sound, but is also simple to install, does not require an external computer of software to set up, and once installed it is designed to function without further intervention.

The Ampetronic Talkperfect amplifier is typically installed below counter in conjunction with a CLD1 induction loop, providing a fully integrated intercom and control module, with a host of features for integration and versatile use.

Applications include:

Security window reception desks
Customer returns points
Banks teller & Post Office security booths
Cash counters
Prison visitor communication desks
Security screens
Bureau de Change
Police stations
Petrol / gasoline forecourts

The TalkPerfect can be supplied in kits to suit any environment and application:

Kit code Description:
TP-KIT1 Talkperfect Kit1 1 Glass Mount Mic, 1 combi + 1 Pod speaker
TP-KIT2 Talkperfect Kit2 1 PZM Mic, 1 combi + 1 Pod speaker
TP-KIT3 Talkperfect Kit3 1 Pod Mic, 1 Pod speaker + 1 combi
TP-KIT4 Talkperfect Kit4 2 Pod Mics + 2 Pod speakers
TP-UX Talkperfect Unit, PSU + M/Lead