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Infrared Wireless System

Secure Wireless Communication – Infrared Wireless Microphone Systems
Infrared microphone is widely used as a convenient wireless communication tool, because of its preventive features against eavesdrop and radio interference.

We’re now going to describe for you “Infrared Wireless Microphone System” in an easy-to-understand way.


So, what’s infrared?

Infrared is the light invisible to the eye and harmless to the body.
There are invisible light rays, besides seven visible light spectrum, such as violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.
Infrared light is one of invisible lights having wavelengths(*1)longer than that of red ray, and therefore called “infra-red”ray.
The light with shorter wavelength than that of visible violet is called ultraviolet ray.
While ultraviolet light has ill effect to human body, e.g. sunburn, infrared light does not.

What are the advantages of infrared wireless microphone?
Light does not penetrate walls, therefore the infrared microphone has key features as explained below:

Unlike radio waves, infrared rays do not penetrate walls.

Information transmitted through infrared ray will be highly protected against outdoor listening by the third party using a device operating on radio wave.

Channel change is not required.

Secure communication is assured in an urban area without being disturbed by jamming of radio wave communication.

The IR-310M is a lightweight, hands-free infrared wireless microphone. It is designed for use in the school classrooms and eliminates problems with interface or eavesdropping, allowing simultaneous use in adjacent classrooms.

Dedicated battery charger for IR-310M Infrared Wireless Microphone

Equipped with 4 receiver mixing outputs and 2 distribution outputs.
By using the IR-700D in conjunction with IR-702T and YW-1022/1024, the system with up to 16 infrared receivers can be configurable.

Rack-mountable with optional brackets (MB-WT3/MB-WT4)

Comes with a built-in 2-channel fixed-frequency tuner.
Enables installation of up to 4 infrared light receivers per unit

Easy-to-wear, neck-suspended design means unit can be ready for use quickly.
Lightweight body can be worn for long periods of time without causing fatigue (130g with 2 alkaline batteries).

  • Infrared light emission intensity adjustable at 2 levels.
  • 2 selectable channel frequencies
  • Antibacterial treatment
  • Employs an electret condenser microphone unit.
  • Low-battery indicator.
  • Can be used with a built-in microphone or external microphone.
  • An external MIC input level adjustment function allows sensitivity adjustment if the connected external microphone has a different sensitivity.
  • Color stickers supplied to distinguish one unit from other wireless microphones.

Designed for stable voice transmission, thanks to two infrared emitters carefully located on a microphone body shape that helps prevent the emitters from being accidentally covered by a hand when holding the microphone.


  • Lightweight body keeps hands from tiring even during long hours of use (170 g with 2 alkaline batteries).
  • Infrared light emission intensity is adjustable at 2 levels.
  • Two selectable channel frequencies.•Antibacterial treatment.
  • Employs an electret condenser microphone unit.
  • Low-battery indicator.
  • Color stickers supplied to distinguish one unit from other wireless microphones.

Supplied wall-mounting brackets facilitate installation.
Can be installed in an electric circuit box.
Equipped with power indicator LED.
Reception area is up to approx. 15m line of sight.
Infrared light reception angle can be changed.

Capable of charging up to 2 microphones (both hand-held and hands-free types) at a time.
With rapid charging feature, up to 2 infrared microphones can be simultaneously charged in 3 hours (maximum).

Supplied ceiling-mounting brackets facilitate installation.
Equipped with power indicator LED.
The IR-510R covers a practical radius of approx. 8 m.

Can be mounted on a wall and on a microphone stand.
Supplied stand-mounting brackets facilitate installation.

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