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Ultra-durable OLED networked control with PoE, programmed through Xilica Designer®.


XWP Control is a revolutionary new series of ultra-affordable, high quality control panels, designed to provide quick and easy access to system parameters across large, distributed AV systems with multiple zones, multiple operators, or in smaller applications which require a simpler, more low-cost control solution than a dedicated touch-screen or mixing console.

Available now, XWP products are fully-networked, intelligent controls that enable immediate drag-and-drop programming from within Xilica Designer, and boast a 1.5-inch OLED display, cutting through well-lit environments to deliver up to 32 DSP parameters and/or presets on a single control. Offering multiple levels for toggle, selection, levels and commands, XWP Control is DHCP-enabled and utilizes a standard Cat5/Cat6 RJ45 connector with full PoE functionality, minimizing additional cable runs. Being fully-networked, it sits on your local network alongside other networked products, including Dante-enabled units and other Xilica DSPs. A single rotary pot with push/click functionality ensures ease-of-operation, and minimal visual clutter, enabling users to search through 32 different parameters/presets on a single level, with no confusing menus. Password protection is available.

As part of the Xilica product line, XWP Control boasts legendary reliability, durability, and is the product of extensive real-time testing. In addition, it is fully compliant with RoHS guidelines, and the requirements of the FCC. It mounts into a standard 1-gang US/EU/UK back-box for easy installation. US models are portrait in orientation, whilst European and UK models are square.

*There are two separate XWP models available: US and EU/UK. Please confirm the correct model prior to purchase.


  • Integrate high-quality remote control with rotary encoder onto your existing Ethernet network, with easy update and PoE capability
  • Install additional controls via your existing network with the RJ45-linked, PoE-enabled XWP Control wall panel.
  • Simple, low-cost way of controlling a small-format audio system, or link XWP Control products for a multi-operator, multi-zone distributed system.
  • Deliver greater programming ease, and reduced design time by dragging-and-dropping menu modules through your existing Xilica Designer site file.
  • Comprised of black or white options, the XWP-Control mounts onto a US/EU/UK 1-gang box.
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XWP Firmware (V2.0.0)

Xilica Designer – Software

Xilica Designer

Model VariantsXWP-Control-EUXWP-Control-US
Screen size1.5-inch OLED1.5-inch OLED
Display128 x 128 resolution128 x 128 resolution
ConnectorsRJ45 EthernetRJ45 Ethernet
PowerPower over Ethernet (PoE)Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Mounting orientationPortraitPortrait
Wall mountMounts onto a EU/UK 1-gang standard electrical boxMounts onto a US 1-gang standard electrical box
Dimensions (WxHxD)3.46″x3.46″ (88x88mm)4.5″x2.75″ (114.4×69.8mm)
Weight0.4lbs / 0.2kg0.4lbs / 0.2kg
Warranty1 year, parts and labor1 years, parts and labor