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Quarter Rack Modular DSP Frame

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Big features, without the big footprint. Meet Xilica’s new quarter-rack-width DSP.

Solaro QR1

A lot of power, a little size. Enter Solaro QR1 — allowing discreet, low-profile applications to benefit from the exceptional audio quality of a quarter-rack-width processor.

With outstanding performance delivered through a dual-core Linux® backbone, Solaro QR1 guards sound quality as its number one priority. Add high-fidelity microphone pre-amps, a 40-bit floating point DSP engine, and a sampling rate of 48kHz: Solaro QR1 lives up to even the most demanding, listener-led applications.

Size matters.

Integrators today are being asked to do more with less. Space is no exception. With an renewed focus on user experience through interior design, many clients demand low profile, aesthetically-pleasing AV systems, with little space for racks of gear. Solaro QR1’s quarter-rack-width size delivers perfectly. Mount it behind a digital sign, under a conference table, or in a drawer. A fan-free design means silent operation, too. Perfect for up-close-and-personal installations.

Breaking the mould.

Solaro Series allows integrators and specifiers to ignore manufacturer dictations about I/O combinations and instead focus on exactly what’s right for their project, without expensive over-functionality. Additionally, Solaro QR1 acts as a unique cost-saver to future-proof installations  should requirements change in the future, field-swappable cards can be changed for a different configuration, or new I/O optionality can be added  either through unused card slots, or through the addition of an XIO expansion product.

Large integrators, enterprise customers and global distributors have already voiced their support for the Solaro Series’ modular focus: eliminating the need to stock mountains of different I/O configurations and a never-ending list of SKUs, wait on backorders, and discount stock to boost cashflow. With Solaro QR1, simply buy the frame, choose your cards, and configure to your exact needs. Each and every project.

Is that sound live, or is it just Solaro?

As a proud member of the Xilica family of processors, Solaro boasts the very same studio sound quality that’s been present since our inception. Premium grade microphone pre-amps, a 48kHz sampling rate and advanced audio tools make the Solaro QR1 a supreme choice for applications requiring high-fidelity audio quality, especially when paired with its 40-bit floating-point processor. Plus, it’s easy to control your impeccable audio – with Xilica XTouch™ all-glass touch-screens, free iOS and Android apps, PC/Mac, and third-party controllers such as Crestron® & Extron®.

We play nice with others.

Xilica Designer®, our programming software, opens up integrators to incredible ease. Third-party Dante device programming is simple, with built-in native integration with products from Powersoft, Bose, Yamaha, Sanyo, NEC, RCF and Adamson, to name just a few. And, if your preferred Dante brand isn’t listed, you can simply drop in the Generic Dante Device module to wire everything up in moments. There’s no need for Dante Controller either, as Designer packs many of its features into the programming window. Finally, Enhanced Third-Party Control allows professionals to control anything they have the control string for  from blinds, windows and doors, to HVAC and even DMX lighting. Many leading integrators use Xilica Designer as the base from which they configure an entire networked AV system  and we don’t blame them.

Solaro QR1 is not compatible with legacy NeuPanel Series controls, nor is it recommended to develop a networked system with both QR1 and Neutrino products.


  • Dual-core processing and a 40-bit floating point DSP guarantee impeccable audio quality across installations.
  • Small footprint perfectly suits aesthetically challenging spaces, or environments where racking is not possible: such as conference rooms and digital signage.
  • Eight (8) user-configured, field-swappable card slots allow customized I/O configurations without limitation.
  • Included as standard is 4×4 Dante digital audio networking, extending connectivity to over 4,000 products from 150 manufacturers.
  • PoE power-capable, but also powered through external PSU for optimal flexibility.
  • SL-AEC provides advanced Acoustic Echo Cancellation with latency of up to 250ms (eight channel) and 100ms (16 channel).


Processor40-bit floating point
Sampling rate48kHz
Card slots8 (8 blank cards mounted in the Frame)
Propagation delay4.5ms
ConnectorsRJ45 with PoE capability (Cat 5/6), RJ45 with Dante connectivity, DC Jack (When PoE is not used)
PowerPower Over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af (PoE); Or +12VDC/2A External power supply 90-240 VAC 50-60Hz (included)
MountingSurface mount bracket included
Rack mountOptional 19″ 1RU rack mount kit fits one or two QR1 frame side-by-side. Single mount blank included
Dimensions4.25”x1.75”x6” (108x44x152mm) without mounting brackets
Weight2.2lbs / 1kg (Mainframe only, without power supply)
WarrantyXilica Five Year Limited Warranty