Windhoek Municipality - Namibia

A wireless open conference system was required in order to avoid unsightly cables and to enable easy installation of the system whenever required. The system was also intended to be portable to enable quick setup when used in alternative venues.As opposed to radio frequencies, wireless infrared is a secure method of transmission (even through glass) and therefore cannot be “eavesdropped” upon, so the TOA TS-800 system was the preferred product for the proposed project.

The wireless infrared conference system was to be used by 1 Chairman and 31 Delegates. The conference system has been integrated with the A-1712 Mixer Amplifier and BS-1030W Universal Speakers to enable the discussions to be broadcast via the audio system at times. An additional TS-800 Central Control Unit and TS-801 Chairman’s Unit as well as additional TS-802 Delegate Units are to be purchased in the near future to enable the system to be “split” into two smaller conference systems when required. The system was connected to a digital recording system to enable recording of all meeting for archive purposes.


Generic Electronic Solutions

  • 1 x TS-800 Central Control Unit

  • 1 x TS-801 Chairman’s Units

  • 31 x TS-802 Delegate Units

  • 4 x BC-900 Battery Chargers

  • 32 x Rechargeable Batteries

  • 2 x TS-905 IR Transmitter / Receiver Units

  • 1 x A-1712 Mixer Amplifier

  • 6 x BS-1030W Universal Speakers