Trantec S2.4HBX Digital Dual Wireless System

Dual Channel Receiver With Beltpack And Handheld Transmitters

  • Digital 2.4GHz Wireless Operating Frequency
  • Dual-channel receiver with a beltpack and handheld transmitter with dynamic capsule
  • System automatically filters out radio interference from the 2.4GHz band
  • Digital Audio Processing Technology ensures a clear and natural sound
  • Easy-to-read digital displays provide essential information at a glance
Wireless Microphone

S2.4 brochure – 4 page

The Trantec S2.4HBX Digital Dual Wireless System operates on the 2.4GHz digital frequency band. 16 switchable channels with wide channel spacing ensure interference-free operation, whilst Digital Audio Processing Technology provides natural sound with exceptional clarity. The system’s dual-channel receiver is equipped with a bright LCD display, showing you important information such as the channel number, current frequency, RF signal strength and audio level at a glance. The receiver is housed inside a rugged metal enclosure, providing exceptional durability as well as enhanced protection against interference.

The system also includes an S2.4-BTX beltpack transmitter, suitable for use with microphones or instrument cables. Also included is an S2.4-HDX handheld transmitter equipped with one of Trantec’s legendary dynamic cardioid mic capsules. This capsule offers exceptional rejection of feedback and background noise, whilst the transmitter’s 16-bit, 38.4kHz format offers outstanding audio quality. A working range of up to 30 metres allows you to make full use of the S2.4HBX system in large venues and outdoor spaces. Plus, with easy synchronization, you can be up and running in no time. Choose a Trantec system and experience exceptional wireless performance and reliability.