Network Master Handset

The VoCALL Network Master Handset can be either wall or desk mounted and has a clear four line backlit display which shows the calling outstation name in plain text. Calls can be made to outstations by either dialling the number of the unit or choosing the name for a text dialling directory.

Each system can have up to 4 VoCALL Network Master Handsets which gives great flexibility to the larger installations, allowing all calls to be monitored from various control points.

Key Features

• Up to 4 network master handset per system
• Controls up to 152 lines (19 x 8 line exchange units)
• Monitored handset
• Large high contrast display (4 x 20 character)
• 12 key quick dial keypad
• Full duplex system
• Directory dial function
• Full system even log (fault & configuration)
• Dual network ports
• Remote powered requiring no mains supplies
• Global configuration, whole site can be configured from the network master handset