Old Mutual - Windhoek, Namibia

Old Mutual launches leading office development in Windhoek
January 2010 will see the completion of the N$260 million structure


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Mutual Towers - Namibia
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Old Mutual - Windhoek Namibia
Thursday 9 July 2009 saw Old Mutual Investment Group Namibia launch the latest leading office development in the country’s capital, Windhoek. And it’s a building with a major difference – the 21 storey building, Mutual Tower, will be Namibia’s first Green building.

January 2010 will see the completion of the N$260 million structure which will serve as the company’s headquarters. But what does being a green building consist of ?

Mutual Towers is designed to reduce carbon emissions through the lessening of energy consumption, therefore ensuring a substantial saving of energy. It will also maximise the use of natural daylight through a large expanse of glazing and will use energy efficient lighting sources and control systems to reduce energy consumption.
SC-610M Reflex Horn Speaker
TOA SC-610MBS Reflex Horn Speaker
Reworked to be compliant with BS-5839 part 5
F-2852 High Power Wide Dispersion Ceiling Speaker
F-2852C 60W 2-way wide dispersion ceiling speaker
RM-200X multi-zone paging microphone

Remote zone paging microphone
RM-200XF Fireman's microphone
Fireman's Zone paging microphone
The TOA VX-2000 Integrated Voice Evacuation System (covered by a 5 Year Warranty), originally built to comply with EN60849:2005 (adopted by SA as SANS60849) is ideal for this type of application where there are multiple zones and each floor is to be treated as an independent zone which is capable of having its own dedicated microphone for the Fire Marshall controlling that floor.
It also provides for Multiple Zone and Fireman's microphones on the system, each with their own priority status as well as phased evacuation as multiple messages and or tones can be broadcast in different zones / areas simultaneously.

The entire system is self-monitored every 100 seconds with fault indications registering on the rack equipment as well as the control microphones. Logs are automatically generated (announcements, system faults, inputs, automatic messages and alarm tones, faulty lines, etc).

It is also possible to utilize the system for BGM (Background Music) as each zone is able to have its own music source and volume levels or the same source can be routed to specific zones, a group of zones or all zones). White noise too, can be integrated with the system.
TOA VX-2000 Voice Evacuation System
TOA PC-1867FC Firedome Ceiling Mount speakers
SC-610MBS Reflex Horn Speaker
F-2852C Wide Dispersion Ceiling Speaker

Standards to which the equipment complies:
SANS-60849 & BS-5839 part 5)
VX-2000 Emergency Voice Evacuation System
VX-2000 Emergency Voice Evacuation System
BS-5839 Compliant
PC-1867FC (BS-5839 Compliant ceiling speaker)




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