Deeds Office - Bloemfontein

Deeds Office - Bloemfontein
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Deeds Office








FBS Electronics

The Bloemfontein Registrar of Deeds serves the whole Free State Province, and is located at the New Central Government Offices, Nelson Mandela Drive, BLOEMFONTEIN.
TOA public address equipment and in particular, TOA's VX-20000 Emergency Voice Evacuation system was chosen for this project which was another flagship project for local fire installer, FBS Electronics.
F-2352SC ceiling speakers were used as well as SC-615M horn speakers and CS-64 splash proof projection speakers.

TOA's VX-2000 main Features
  • Full compliance with BS 5853prt8 EN60849/IEC60849
  • System status can be confirmed on Remote Microphones
  • Fireman’s Microphone included as standard equipment
  • Simultaneous dual-origin recorded message broadcasts
  • Convenient multi-language software
  • 1 per 100 second frequency program
  • Non-interruptive surveillance
TOA's VX-2000 Series is a broadcast and public address system that satisfies all the requirements for general purpose and emergency broadcasts for a wide range of environments and configured for simple as well as complex installations. The total system is composed of a System Manager, Surveillance Frame, Power Amplifiers, Power Supply, Emergency Power Supply, Fireman’s Microphone and a user-specified number of Remote Microphones. The most important factor in any emergency system is total reliability.
TOA brings its accumulated expertise in producing public address and surveillance systems that are absolutely relied on in numerous installations around the world. Fully compliant with BS 5853prt8 EN60849/IEC60849 standards to allow use in the most demanding environments, the VX-2000 outstanding features include sophisticated failure detection measures that constantly check components and speaker lines for any faults or abnormalities which are brought to the notice of concerned personnel via indicators and buzzers.



RM-200XF Fireman's microphone

RM-200XF Fireman's microphone
RM-200X multi-zone paging microphone

RM-200X Zone paging microphone

Standards to which the equipment complies:

SANS-60849 & BS-5839 (part 5)

VX-2000 Emergency Voice Evacuation System
VX-2000 Emergency Voice
Evacuation System

CS-64 splashproof projection speaker
CS-64 Splash proof
projection speaker

SC-615M Horn speaker
SC-615M Horn Speaker

F-2352SC Wide Dispersion Ceiling speaker






Emergency Voice Evacuation


Pro-audio speakers

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Wireless Microphones

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Network Audio




Audio Source Devices


Audio Signal Processors




Sports Facilities

Mines Power Station

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Community Residence


TOA & Trantec Wireless Microphones

Ampetronic Induction Loop Systems for the hearing impaired. Contact a sales person in your region now for more information and pricing.




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