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Debswana, diamond miners in Botswana choose TOA's N-8000 IP Intercom system for secure & reliable inter office communications
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Sharps Electrical
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Debswana is the world's leading diamond producer by value and has played a significant role in the transformation of Botswana’s economy that it was. It is the largest non-government employer and the largest earner of foreign exchange in Botswana.

Debswana's mining operations have been largely responsible for transforming Botswana from an agriculturally based economy in the 1960s to a country that has consistently displayed one of the highest economic growth rates in the world.


N-8000 IP Intercom
N-8000 system components


Standard Master Station
N-8010MSY Standard Master Station

IP Intercom Exchange


N-8000 IP Intercom Exchange


Indoor Substation
N-8050DS Indoor Substation
The N-8000 Series IP Network Intercom offers flexible communications for up to 1280 stations on existing corporate local and wide area data networks. Built on TOA’s proven NX-100 network audio technology, the new IP Intercom products occupy minimal network bandwidth (130 kbps maximum) for station-to-station calls and can be controlled and monitored through software or web browser. Programmable system functions include 160 paging zones, time-based call forwarding and scan monitoring.

The backbone of the new system is the compact N-8000EX Exchange which supports 16 stations and occupies only one rack space. Features include a 10/100BaseT port for connection to standard network hardware and two paging audio outputs. Larger systems can be easily configured with up to 80 exchanges and 1,280 stations. The economy N-8010EX IP Intercom Exchange, featuring one speech link, is available as a lower-cost alternative to the four-link N-8000EX IP Intercom Exchange. The N-8000MI Multi-Interface Unit features telephone interface, BGM input, paging outputs, control signaling plus functions as an interface to legacy TOA EXES intercom systems.
Two-wire stations include The N-8000MS Multifunctional Master Station, equipped with a 32 character alphanumeric LCD display, handset and speed dial functions; the N-8010MS Standard Master Station with keypad and handset; the N-8020MS Industrial Master Station, built to withstand severe environmental conditions; and the N-8011MS Hands-Free Master Station offering hands-free simultaneous two-way (duplex) communication via an innovative ambient noise sensing function. Other two-wire stations include the N-8030MS Flush-Mount Hands-free Master Station, N-8040DS Indoor Sub-station and Q-N-8040WP Outdoor Sub-station. For custom station applications, TOA offers the N-8031SB Hands-free Master Station Board Unit and the N-8050SB Hands-free Substation Board Unit. Station line monitoring is also available via software, web browser or station display.

Ethernet stations include the N-8500MS IP Multi-function Master Station, which has a built-in Ethernet connection for direct network connection, a 32 character alphanumeric LCD display, and handset and speed dial functions. The N-8540DS IP Indoor Sub-station also connects directly to the network and includes a vandal-resistant call-switch and control output for door release. A weather-resistant version is also available, model Q-N-8540WP IP Outdoor Sub-station.
Equipment used:

5 x N-8050DS; 55 x N-8010MS; 10 x N-8000EXCE

108 x N-8011MS and 108 x YC-290
Hands-free Master Station

N-80011MS Hands-free Master Station




Emergency Voice Evacuation


Pro-audio speakers

Wired Microphones

Wireless Microphones

Conference Systems

Network Audio




Audio Source Devices


Audio Signal Processors




Sports Facilities

Mines Power Station

Mass Transit

Commercial Facilities


Events Ceremonies

Hotel Conference

Universities Educational

Offices Factories

Community Residence


TOA & Trantec Wireless Microphones

Ampetronic Induction Loop Systems for the hearing impaired. Contact a sales person in your region now for more information and pricing.




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