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In 1917, the first flight to Port Elizabeth from Cape Town was made by Major Allister Macintosh Miller. This was such an historical moment that this flight was brought to life on canvas by artist Ron Belling to be seen by many in the future. In close proximity to the city, Lieutenant Colonel Miller established the Port Elizabeth Airport in 1929. At this time however, the Airport in Port Elizabeth was only used for Miller's postage service between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. But finally, in 1936, with one single runway, the Port Elizabeth Airport found itself officially open.

Currently, the Port Elizabeth Airport sees the arrival and departure of more than a million passengers a year, and over 38 770 air movements that service all the major domestic routes within South Africa. The terminal upgrades were completed in 2004 and are well equipped to handle more than two million passengers a year. The terminals measure a total of 8 700 square meters.

The airport infrastructure, due to all the changes, has seen to it that the Port Elizabeth Airport now has two runways of respectively 1 980m and 1 860m. A full CAT 1 ILS system is installed on the main runway from both ends, with thirteen parking bays on the apron.




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