Upington Hospital - Northern Cape

Upington Hospital


Project Name:
Upington Hospital

Public Works Department

Mmusi Electrical Consultants

Omega Fire
TOA VX-2000 integrated voice evacuation system
Equipment used:
31 Zone VX-2000 Integrated Voice Evacuation System : 438 x PC-1867 Fire Rated Ceiling Speakers : 39 x BS-680 Fire Rated Metal Wall Speakers : 10 x SC-615BF Fire Rated Horn Speakers : 30 x PM-660D Desktop Microphones : 4 x RM-200XS Remote Microphones : 4 x RM-200XF Remote Fireman’s Microphones : 1 x M-9000 Digital Matrix Mixer

N-8000 IP Intercom System: 5 x N-8000EXCE Exchanges : 28 x N-8050 Door Stations : 17 x Multi Function Master Stations

The Upington Hospital, situated in the Northern Cape required a certified Integrated Voice Evacuation as well as an IP Based Intercom Communication System.
Multiple microphones were required. This was accomplished by utilising the TOA M-9000M2 Digital Mixer.

The VX-2000 is a microprocessor-controlled modular system for signal distribution, control and monitoring. The audio matrix allows for the simultaneous transmission of 4 independent audio signals, and an audio signal for monitoring. The system has 8 slots for different input modules for different sound sources such as remote microphones, CD players, cassette recorders, paging microphones, etc. 16 control inputs and 16 control outputs. Complete surveillance is in compliance with standards.
Monitoring of the CPU is by a watchdog timer. Monitoring of all the critical internal and external audio signal paths is as per the standard. All occurring faults register and display within 100 seconds of occurrence.
Recording of all actions and occurring errors in the logbook comprising 2000 entries for later fault analysis and reconstruction of the system processes.

Two message memory boards allow for the simultaneous transmission of alert and evacuation messages in separate emergency zones. Emergency processes (alert, evacuation) are programmable with voice alarm. These too, are monitored for availability of messages and faults.
The initial volume of each input and output is adjustable. With the exception of the remote microphones, the volume of all inputs and outputs is selectively controllable by the remote microphone system(s) or the control inputs.
The RS232C interface allows for PC access.
Included PC software operates under Windows2000/XP™ with a graphic user interface for system configuration, system inspection and reading of the logbook.
The time-controlled automatic processes are programmable in day, week and holiday program (timer control). Printout of system configuration for documentation is easy, as is the update of system’s firmware without exchanging EPROMs. LED displays for availability, power supply and fault occurrence.
N-8000 IP Intercom
N-8000 system components

Indoor Substation

N-8050DS Indoor Substation


BS-5839 Compliant ceiling speaker PC-1867FC
(now also EN-54 part 24 certified)
IP Intercom Exchange
N-8000 IP Intercom Exchange
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IP Intercom Equipment:


19 x N-8050DS; 2 x N-8000EXCE

1 x N-8000MSY

Multifunction Master Station
N-8000MSY Multifunction Master Station





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