Nyanga Taxi Rank - Cape Town

Nyanga Taxi Rank - Cape Town

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Nyanga Taxi Rank
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Nyanga Taxi Rank

City of cape Town

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A self-monitoring integrated public address / evacuation system was required in order to facilitate background music, PA announcements and automatic pre-recorded evacuation messages and tones.

The system had to provide for 4 zoned microphones, to be used by management as well as security.
The TOA VM-2000 Integrated Voice Evacuation System was used as it could comply with all the requirements. Installed within the amplifiers to check for faults such as shorted, open speaker lines (individual zones) and speaker lines with ground leakage, the SV-200MA Surveillance Module makes fault finding, quick and easy. The EV-200 Voice Announcement Module installed within the amplifier, allows playback of 7 pre-recorded messages / tones. These messages can be triggered from both the microphone as well as external inputs. The system can accommodate as many as four zoned microphones (these can have different priority settings) linked to the system via CAT5 STP cable and the maximum distance between the control system and the last microphone is 800m.

The speakers to be used had to provide a very wide dispersion, be suitable for Voice Announcements and offer a frequency response suitable for background music. Horn speakers were thus not suitable for this application. The speakers also had to be weatherproof. It was therefore decided to use the TOA CS-304 Wide Dispersion Projection Speakers. Their weatherproof polyurethane resin paint, impact-proof lightweight ABS resin enclosure and stainless steel brackets enable many years of outdoor use. This, together with a frequency response of 120Hz – 15kHz and a constant directivity coverage (90 degree in horizontal) proved that these speakers were ideally suited for this application.

Speaker Clusters of CS-304 speakers were created to ensure even coverage of the facility.



Taking advantage of TOA's long-accumulated technological expertise and knowledge in security and audio, the VM-2000 Series is part of a select range of sound management equipment.

Featuring outstanding audio performance, this range of equipment satisfies the growing need for reliable and efficient communications for various applications including office buildings, schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, factories, hospitals and transportation terminals.

Targeted at medium-sized facilities, every VM-2000 Series unit offers three line/mic inputs, 2 BGM inputs and remote mic capability as well as telephone paging.All controls and indicators are laid out in a logical, easy-to-see manner that aids operation. Tonal preferences may be set for each channel in order to optimize it to sound the best for speech or music signals. The processed input signals can then be sent on to any of five independent loudspeaker zones as desired, or automatically to all in the case of an emergency. Operation is simple and trouble-free for site staff. And the VM-2000 Series' clean, attractive design makes it well-suited for installation in a building's operation center equipment rack or even on a table or desk in a reception area.
CS-304 speaker
CS-304 Wide Dispersion Projection Speaker



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