FAW Truck Plant - IDZ Port Elizabeth

The new state-of-the-art FAW truck and passenger car plant has been built at Coega Industrial Development Zone in the Eastern Cape. FAW’s decision to build the plant in South Africa is significant as it is, to date, one of the most important investments made by a Chinese entity in South Africa. The total investment of approximately R600 million has been financed by FAW China and the China–Africa Development Fund (CAD-Fund). The arrival of FAW in this region adds yet another blue-chip automobile company to the province. Expected to eventually produce 5 000 trucks annually, it is envisaged that the plant will be completed by the end of 2013, and the first trucks to be assembled in the new plant, will roll off the assembly line in the third quarter of 2014. FAW prides itself on giving optimum value for money and this, combined with being a world class product, has made it one of this country’s champions in the truck industry.

Combining an emergency voice alarm system with digital audio PA, paging and BGM functionality, the VM-3000 Series from TOA brings new levels of flexibility to the deployment of PA/VA in small to medium-sized commercial projects – all at an affordable price.

Suitable for most applications and including retail stores, nursing homes, schools, fitness clubs and smaller shopping centres, the VM-3000 offers a range of emergency functions (including built-in voice alarm and continuous speaker line monitoring without interruption of BGM distribution or paging announcements).
All audio is digitally processed and controlled, resulting in PA broadcasting, paging and BGM delivery of consistently high sound quality and intelligibility.
The system is controlled by a choice of two system amplifiers, and can be expanded using up to nine VM extension amplifiers (each of which offers six assignable speaker zone outputs to give a maximum of 60 speaker zones with their own programmable volume setting).
High quality, electronic voice messages are built in, and the whole system has been designed as a ‘one-box’ package that’s easy to set-up and maintain.