We deliver Safety to Society through Sound

Nowadays, security and safety are very precious items that are constantly challenged by external influences. Wherever humans are gathering it is essential to have the right messages in the right spot. Even more so, there are several things that distract the positive atmosphere in this environment – fire danger, bomb threats and amok shootings. These incidences are unforeseen and therefore precaution needs to be taken in order to have appropriate measures in place and provide clear instructions through voice messages. TOA’s history and experience in providing systems for communication and safety makes it is self understanding to meet and even exceed high demands of life protection and safety standards. As a result TOA products are certified according to the EN 54 standards.

EN 54 stipulates the product and testing requirements for voice alarm components in fire detection and alarm systems. The norm is put in place in order to improve the communication of installed systems with the outside world – users, installers, firemen and, most importantly, the public. Also, EN 54 states the availability of system functionality in most adverse operating environments. TOA is the first manufacturer of voice evacuation systems that offers a fully certified system consisting of system manager, amplifiers, speakers and emergency power supply. We thrive for offering not only the best, but also the most secure solution as the right message at the right time is crucial for increased personal safety.

All EN 54 standards will become effective across the member states of the European Union in March 2011. TOA was the first manufacturer to meet all three parts applicable to voice evacuation components already in March 2010:
EN 54-4: Power Supply Equipment
EN 54-16: Voice Alarm and Indicating Equipment
EN 54-24: System Loudspeakers
Not living in a country, where EN 54 is applicable? The standards ISO 7240-4, ISO 7240-16 and ISO 7240-24 are the international equivalents. Our EN 54 certified systems are compliant with these standards as well.

EN 54 is a standard of the European Union for fire detection and fire alarm systems, and the relevant parts to the voice alarm and audio industry are part 16, which is concerned with voice alarm control and indicating equipment, and part 24, which refers to loudspeakers. 

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