Emergency Assist 4-Way Power Supply Splitter

The CFEASL4 4 way splitter unit allows up to four stand alone, disabled toilets to be monitored in one specific area. Staff can react to an alarm swiftly and efficiently at the designated area, such as a reception or security desk. The emergency assist power supply unit (PSU) is designed to power the 4 way splitter. When using the 4 way splitter, each disabled toilet does not need its own PSU as each toilet is powered by the 4 way splitter.

Key Features

• Designed to comply with all regulations and recommendations
• High visibility
• Small compact design
• Local panel acknowledge call button
• Up to four disabled toilets monitored in one area
• Uses blue LEDs to avoid confusion
• Visibility to remote staffed areas
• No mains or PSU required at each disabled toilet using the 4 way splitter