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Combined Type A and Type B Outstation

CFVCDUO combined type A and B outstation can be used with either the compact or network VoCALL systems and only takes one line position. The VoCALL Emergency Voice Communication system (EVCS) is designed to fully comply with BS5839 pt9:2011, for use as a fire telephone, disabled refuge communication and disabled call systems and allows all parts to be combined into a single system.

The CFVCDUO is suitable where both a fire fighting telephone and a disabled refuge point are required in the same location. In normal use the Type B green disabled refuge point operates and rings, however if the door is opened and the fire telephone handset is lifted a call from the handset is directed to the control point instead.

Key Features

• BS5839 Pt9 compliant
• Monitored handset
• Hands free unit
• Uses single line
• Flush case
• Simple two core connection to controller or exchange using 1mm CSA fire rated cables
• Fire telephone automatically overrides disabled refuge point
• High contrast green indication of refuge point with tactile Braille to assist use
• LEDs show system is operating and help to locate the unit in poor lighting conditions

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