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Video Conferencing

The VDO360 Autopilot is an advanced presenter tracking solution leveraging the latest technology in facial recognition and motion tracking algorithms.
No fobs, transmitters, receivers, coded badges, or external triangulation devices required. The Autopilot “sees” the presenter and follows with uncanny precision. Check out the Autopilot page to learn more about this latest offering by VDO360.

The Teamcam

Saber CompassX ClearWater AutoPilot The TeamCam Large FOV at 90 degrees without distortion (no fisheye)Sony 8MP 1/3” SensorEnterprise Grade constructionCrystal clear 1080p HD image qualityInstantaneous 3X zoom with no loss…

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TeamCam CompassX ClearWater AutoPilot Saber, the newest camera in the VDO360 lineup Sleek & Intelligent Design, Crystal Clear Image Quality12x optical zoomLow light ability. Excellent image quality even at low…

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Clearwater System

TeamCam Saber CompassX AutoPilot The Clearwater System Is Assembled In The USA And Features: PTZPC Camera Specifications Focus range/depth of field: f4.9 – 49mm/60cm-infinityOptical distortion: 1.2% -+0.8%Dynamic range: 65dbSNR: 50db aboveFOV:…

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TeamCam Saber ClearWater AutoPilot The CompassX, VDO360’s Flagship PTZ Camera PTZPC Camera Specifications 10x optical zoomFocus range/depth of field: f4.7 – 47mm/58cm-infinityOptical distortion: -1.12% -+0.65%Dynamic range: 100dbSNR: 50db aboveFOV: Horizontal 62.5-6.43Sensor…

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The Autopilot

TeamCam Saber CompassX ClearWater The Autopilot, adding professional-grade tracking to the VDO360 lineup The Autopilot package features our Saber PTZ camera with:12x optical zoomLow light ability. Excellent image quality even…

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