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Sip Intercom System Detail

SIP Intercom System Detail N-SP80MS1 | Multimedia Station Overview Specification Downloads Overview SIP Multimedia StationIntuitive operation with 7-inch touch screen and dial keysConnect to SIP ServerWiFiApplied to major video codecLess…

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SIP TOA has launched the N-SP80 Series SIP Intercom Stations, designed to offer flexible audio and video communications using standard SIP and Onvif protocols. The N-SP80 is compatible with a variety…

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IP Audio Sub Categories

IP-Audio The N-8000 is a versatile and highly reliable IP intercom system designed to meet user needs for flexible, cost-effective configuration and operation. TOA's unique N-8000 IP Intercom System is…

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IP-Audio / IP-Public Address With all equipment connectable to an ordinary IP network, IP-1000 series, the true digital matrix system is expandable to any locations with network access.The name “IP-1000”…

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N-8000MI | Multi Interface Unit The N-8000MI is a multi-interface unit designed for use with TOA’s packet intercom system (IP network-compatible intercom system) that employs the packet audio technology. Connecting…

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Door Stations

N-8650DS | IP Door Station for Indoor Use Connecting the N-8650DS to an IP network (LAN or WAN) permits hands-free conversation of high sound quality to be made between the…

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Master Stations

N-8033MS | Flush or Surface Mount Master Station The N-8033MS is a flush- or surface-mount master station designed to operate in conjunction with TOA IP Intercom Exchange and features high…

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RS-191 | Handset for Master Station N-8031MS Master Station. Lifting the handset will initiate a call to a preprogrammed master station, enabling a handset conversation. RS-150 | Substation The RS-150…

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N-8010EX | IP Network Intercom Exchange The IP Intercom Exchange uses packet audio technology to permit connection of up to sixteen N-8000 Series stations. Hands-free conversation is possible between stations.…

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