9/10 Line Master Slave Exchange Unit

The CFVCCM9 VoCALL Compact 9 Line Master Unit is ideal for small to medium sized building installations which don’t require the complexity of a full network solution.

This system comprises of the 9 line master unit controlling up to 9 outstations (type A, type B, duo emergency assist alarms or in Far East and Middle East applications and jack plates) and with the use of the CFVCCS10 10 Line Slave Exchange unit, this system can be easily expanded to 19 lines.

Key Features

• BS5839 Pt9: 2011 compliant
• EN54 Pt4:A2 power supply and charger
• 4 Navigation keys
• 6 Status LEDs
• 4 Line, 20 character LCD
• Full duplex system
• Simple menu programming
• Combining the 10 line slave and 9 line master allows up to 19 lines