Dukumbana Government building - Bisho

Eastern Cape Provincial Goverment chooses TOA's VM-3000 PA and Evac system with matrixing capabilities.



Dukumbana Building

Installer: R&T Security Systems

Consultant: Stemele Bosch

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Vm-3000 is fully EN 54 compliant

TOA's VM-3000 - The World's First Total Solution for EN 54 Compliant Voice Alarm Systems


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The 12-storey Dukumbana building is the tallest building in Bisho where the Province of the Eastern Cape houses the Departments of Health, Agriculture & Social Development. 2 MEC's share the 5th Floor of this magnificent building with a marble clad interior.
Stemele Bosch consulting advised the client to choose TOA's VM-3000 voice evacuation system. The system is fully EN54-16 and EN54-4 certified and this was one of the requirements. Speakers used in the building are the TOA PC-1867FC and the TOA BS-680FC which are both certified according to EN54-24.

The installer was R&T Security systems, based in Port Elizabeth.


PC-1867FC (6W) - BS-5839 compliant and EN54-24


BS-680FC fire-rated speaker

BS-680FC fire-rated wall mount speaker (EN54-24)

About the VM-3000:

Combining an emergency voice alarm system with digital audio PA, paging and BGM functionality, the VM-3000 Series from TOA brings new levels of flexibility to the deployment of PA/VA in small to medium-sized commercial projects - all at an affordable price.

Suitable for most applications and including retail stores, nursing homes, schools, fitness clubs and smaller shopping centres, the VM-3000 offers a range of emergency functions (including built-in voice alarm and continuous speaker line monitoring without interruption of BGM distribution or paging announcements).

All audio is digitally processed and controlled, resulting in PA broadcasting, paging and BGM delivery of consistently high sound quality and intelligibility.

The system is controlled by a choice of two system amplifiers, and can be expanded using up to nine VM extension amplifiers (each of which offers six assignable speaker zone outputs to give a maximum of 60 speaker zones with their own programmable volume setting).
High quality, electronic voice messages are built in, and the whole system has been designed as a 'one-box' package that's easy to set-up and maintain.




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